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Xplus offers a variety of trainings available via our online academy registration.

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1. Who can attend these courses ?

Everyone can attend with a background in IT engineering, business and IT architecture, program management, senior management. You can subscribe individually

2. Can I cancel a course?

Yes, by contacting us directly we can refund a registered course as follows:

100% refund 3 weeks before start of the course;

50% refund 1 week before start of the course;

25% refund 24hr before start of the course.

3. How safe is my personal information?

You information will be never shared outside of the referee organization, and deleted after the course.

4. Where do the courses occur ?

At an XPLUS location or a location organized by the main client who subscribed participants. Each course will mention in detail the exact location and date range.

5. What other support is available ?

Use our contact form for any particular question related to the academy.


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